About Me

Who I Am

I’m a 23 year old woman who just recently realized that she’s autistic. I’m currently self-diagnosed, but I’m working on getting an official assessment. While discovering my autism, my boyfriend and I also realized that he’s autistic too. I’m also: childfree by choice, an athiest, newly independant (living with boyfriend), Canadian, a cat owner, a gamer, and an illustrator.


Why I’m Blogging

Since I started learning about and accepting my autism, I’ve had a lot of information to proccess. I’m looking at my whole life in a new context, and trying to use my new knowledge to make my life better. I’m also slowly healing many old wounds. I think blogging will help me make sense of all this, while hopefully being helpful to others too. Reading the blogs of other autistic adults has really helped me feel understood and accepted, so I hope my blog can do that for others too.


Some Things You Should Know

  • The things on this blog are my own experiences, thoughts, and opinions.
  • I am not a formally trained expert on autism or psychology
  • I use “Aspie”, “autistic”, and “having Asperger’s/AS” interchangeably here. When I was first learning, Asperger’s Syndrome was still it’s own diagnoses, and that’s what I started reading about.
  • I really appreciate comments (long ones are welcome too!), and I will do my best to respond to all of them.

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